Hyundai Santa Fe Workshop Manual PDF; (1, Pages). (Free). Hyundai Santa Fe Hyundai Santa Fe Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free). View and Download Hyundai Santa Fe owner’s manual online. Santa Fe Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: Santa fe View detailed specs, features and options for the Hyundai Santa Fe AWD 4dr Manual GLS *Ltd Avail* at U.S. News & World Report.

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Pull the lever backwards once to shift down one gear. Never engage the parking brake while performing these tests. Seat Belts Always follow the pre- cautions about seat hykndai, air bags and occupant safety contained in this manual.

If this occurs, have your vehicle checked by an authorized Hyundai dealer as soon as possible.

Remove the mounting bolt cover with a screwdriver or coin. Page This function is useful if you do not want rear-seat passengers e.

Hyundai 2007 Santa Fe Owner’s Manual

Fuels with unspecified quantities of alcohol, or alcohols other than ethanol, should not be used. Hhyundai Do not leave an unsecured child restraint in your vehicle. Page Air is discharged through the face level vents. If the air flow control is off, the air intake control is set to the fresh mode auto- matically. Accelerate to desired speed and re- lease the control switch. For example, if the “XXX” amount equals lbs, and there will be five lb.

2007 Hyundai Santa Fe – Owner’s Manual (355 pages)

Reinstall Wheel Nuts OCML To reinstall the wheel, hold it on the studs, put the wheel nuts on the studs and tighten them finger tight. The increased load caused by multiple seats may cause the tethers or anchorage points to break, causing serious injury or death.


The RSE will enter standby mode when the vehicle ignition is turned off. To lock the doors from the outside, first push the inside lock switch to the “LOCK” posi- tion, so that the red mark on the switch is 20077 visible, then close the door. Because brakes are essential to the safe operation of the car, it is suggested that they be checked and inspected by your Hyundai dealer.

If the engine is hot, you should exercise great caution hyumdai avoid burning yourself on hot engine or exhaust parts. Crossbars and attaching components to adapt the roof rack on your vehicle may be obtained from an authorized Hyundai dealer.

All the preset channels have been listed on this SDAR operation interface.

Trailer Or Vehicle Towing Since laws vary from State to State the requirements for towing trailers, cars, or other types of vehicles or apparatus may differ. This manual also for: By rapidly moving the selector for- ward or backward twice, it is possible to skip one gear, i. To lock the seatback into position, release the recliner control lever.

Page o T: Your vehicle is equipped with tires de- signed to provide for safe ride and han- dling capability. Do not operate audio remote control switches simultaneously. Arm the system as described below. Before towing, check the level of the automatic transaxle fluid.

Hyundai Santa Fe Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Page 17 The key number should be recorded and kept in a safe place in case the need to order further keys arises. SRS is not working properly. Htundai Sound effects of audio reproduction. For low beams, pull the lever back toward you. Remove the cover with a flat-head screwdriver. The jack should be positioned as shown in the drawing.


If the filler cap must be replaced, only use genuine Hyundai replacement parts. If you follow these suggestions, tire wear will be held to a minimum.

When the SRSCM detects a suffi- ciently severe impact to the front of the vehicle, it will automatically deploy the front air bags. Page The figure below shows the audio hyunda dis- play when the category search flag is zanta.

After rotating, adjust the tire pressures and be sure to check the wheel nut torque. Not all fuse panel descriptions in this manual de be applicable to your vehicle.

Insert the hexagonal head wrench pro- vided with the vehicle into the socket. Riding with a reclined seatback in- creases your chance of serious or fatal injuries in the event of a collision or sudden stop. Then open the hood and, after the engine has cooled, check the coolant level and the water pump drive belt. If you notice that tires are wearing unevenly between ro- tations, have the car checked by a Hyundai dealer so the cause may be corrected.

Abbreviation for the “Depart The buttons on your audio system may differ. Fs can cause serious damage to the transaxle or the AWD system.