Armorcast Inquisitor Magazine Pdf. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. By filling out a tiny 3 field form and. Armorcast mainly produce a wide range of scenery pieces in resin. The first Titan rules were published in Inquisitor #3 in January of Hi John,. I have been more than just a bit busy over the last few months. Inq 18 will be out in February. Tim. — Tim DuPertuis ARMORCAST and.

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Armorcast mainly produce a wide range of scenery pieces in resin. So what did I think about my first issue of Inquisitor? Inquiaitor are limited to one variant Chimera for every normal Chimera. Next up are the three Tyranid critters with a Subscription and Convention Schedule page in between them.

For example, “SW NM ” means shrink wrapped in near-mint condition. Well it is another week and inquiditor I found some time to read the issue I decided to bring you all the love. Has anyone ever used it? The BS is back now but it is Forge World and looks a bit dumb: Inquisitor Magazine Tim DuPertuis. Extremely well used and has major flaws, which may be too numerous to mention. Jim Dieter gives us four pages on painting Chaos Marines with some semi useful black and white phots and a fair step by step guide on inquiitor them.

#16 “Chimera Variants, Armorcast Vehicle Data Fixes”

Twenty eight pages including covers this time. A super detailed Baneblade for dollars. In most cases, boxed games armorcst box sets do not come with dice. In fact my second game of 40K was against an Eldar player with that Falcon which was thankfully replaced in look by Games Workshop’s now iconic plastic kit.

Steve Mussared of Monolith produced a small range of resin vehicles and titans in both 40K and Epic scales. A “plus” sign indicates that an item is ijquisitor to the next highest condition. Epicast Unreleased Ork LungBursta.


I won’t really compare prices until Issue 17 which is the last one to have prices for Armorcast 40K stuff before their rights were lost. Chonos38 Reaver Titan Head 4. Maybe I should email them and ask if they have any photographs of these kits? And insists this magazine isn’t an Armorcast house magazine.

I am a nerd! I own both models though only the Cannon is painted to my poor standards. Well this IS Imperial Guard.

Wargame Dork: Operation Game Collection Warhammer 40K Special: Fan Magazines Part 5: Inquisitor 16

Anyhow, Tim opens the issue up with mentions of Datafaxes only being allowed in this magazine and not included with the models. The first Titan rules were published in Inquisitor 3 in January of Seems fairly legit and thought out. For example, “SW NM ” means shrink wrapped in near-mint condition.

They also produce tanks and APCs and a variety of other items which can be seen at Armorcast Online Catalogue Epicast appear to have ceased trading in ; up to that point they were mainly produce a wide range of scenic bases cast in resin. Fan Magazines Inquuisitor 6: I will do so and if I find anything out I will mention it.

The Haruspex which is the coolest looking of the three Armorcast kits and is basically a line smasher with a nasty Inquissitor Jet attack that can cause a S5 hit inqulsitor secondary targets within 3″, and being a vehicle for most purposes but allowed to ram with less risk.

But there is some fantastically useful or funny material there in between things to make you want to drink until you can no longer feel feelings. Let’s get going before my attention span moves on to some other bit of shiny, shall we? Don’t go out of your way for it unless its part of a lot or you want to play 28mm scale Titan Battletech with mostly 40K rules. Retrieved from ” http: It had “exploding dice” mechanics and still ended up being similar to that era’s WHFB with it being hero and magic happy except with also buying a game card deck.


Run it near a squad to aid it in both close and ranged combat.

Resin Vehicles & Titans

Now six plus turn games or a GM run scenario? Nick’s company is Epicast USA. I am a nerd! Except nobody ever played it that way.

For those who wish to read or remember if this is read in the future: Another issue 2nd edition players should probably try to get a copy of if they can. Now with tons of retro gaming content both electronic and tabletop. Lightly used, but almost like new. If excessively worn, they will be marked as “card worn.

That is on his back. This week their subsidiary companies pulled themselves off of Social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter entirely at behest of the higher ups.

Want ads for people looking for stuff in this pre Ebay age, and the Subscriptions and Back Issue form. Look at their prices for resin kits.

#16 “Chimera Variants, Armorcast Vehicle Data Fixes” – Inquisitor Mag – Noble Knight Games

Next time we hit the final full 2nd edition 40K issue of Inquisitor and the second to last issue period! We finish up with the Blood Slaughterer as Inquisitor thinks it should be.

I have seen a number of the other ones in real life. At first, Warhammer 40K players had no vehicles as there were only 2 Games Workshop models and those were only for one race — the Marines.