2D Bit Rates. 3D Bit Rates. 4×4 bpp 10×5 bpp 3x3x3 bpp 5x5x4 bpp. 5×4 bpp 10×6 bpp 4x3x3 bpp 5x5x5 bpp. 5×5 . Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC) technology developed by Arm and AMD has been adopted as an official extension to both the OpenGL® and. Adaptative Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC) is a new texture com- pression format which is set to take the world by storm. Having been accepted as a new.

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Retrieved from ” http: Transcoding One alternate method that has been used in the industry is to compress assets with something like JPEG, tuning for a particular file-size reduction and trying to not trade off much quality.

Flexibility, with bit rates from 8 bits per pixel bpp down to less than 1 bpp. The Khronos Group Inc.

Technologies | Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC) – Arm Developer

So if a particular block of color data does not actually use the HDR range, it can be compressed with LDR, with no impact on the result. Like color channels, HDR is handled on a per-block basis. Please tell us what’s wrong:. ASTC also covers both normalized integer and floating-point compression.

To better discuss the effects of different codecs on content, we performed a batch compression run against a small set of textures and assigned a visual image quality IQ rating to each.

The table below shows supported platforms for each compression format. If you know how to fix it, or have something better we could use instead, please let us know:. The tables provide the details and evaluation of the batch runs on each texture for each of the tested compressors. For your product, you need to decide overall, as well as per asset, whether quality vs the raw asset or shrinking the file size is most important.


HDR high dymanic range See in Glossary. ASTC is much more flexible. There have been later variants of this approach that store LA or RG data in two separate 4bpp blocks, for better quality. In addition, mobile data networks were slow, and storage in the device was small, so smaller data over the wire was important. See Notes above for more on crunch compression. Who supports ASTC technology? Lossy compression algorithms Texture compression Advanced Micro Devices technologies.

Then consider whether you want to use higher compression on larger textures where artifacts might be noticed less, or go with lower resolution and lower compression with fewer visual issues: The objective of texture compression is to reduce data size, while minimizing impact on visual quality. Crunch compression is a lossy compression format meaning that parts of the data are lost during compression on top of DXT or ETC Texture compression.

Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC)

The various RGTC formats only allow for 2 channels. ASTC can also compress floating-point data outside sstc the [0, 1] range. You’ve told us this page needs code samples. Assets are sent over the wire in that form, and transcoded to the optimal GPU format for the device either at first run or on-demand.

Using ASTC Texture Compression for Game Assets

Linear rendering on WebGL added in Batch compress a small set of test texturd maybe one or two dozen files and look for where quality starts to drop below the required bar for the product. High-quality Textures, particularly on color data, but can take a long time to compress.

You can use ETC1 for Textures that have an alpha channelbut only if the build is for Android and the Textures are placed on an atlas by specifying the packing tag. Correlating channels makes the data smaller, but it also means that there can be a degree of bias, where a particular gradient in a block provides more accuracy to one channel than another.


This is especially true in titles that require a high enough level of graphics hardware such that ASTC is a given.

ASTC can recover those bits, using them for improved color compression quality. Also important to the mobile space is power use. And last but not least, it claimed to offer better quality than competitors at the same bitrate. Thanks for helping to make the Unity documentation better!

Skip to main content. The following is a brief selection of tools available on the internet to help developers deal with texture compression.

Using ASTC Texture Compression for Game Assets | NVIDIA Developer

And sRGB colorspace conversion is something that happens after decompression. With so many texture compression standards and tools, how to find the best match for each texture seems a bit daunting for existing large-scale projects. If there is only one channel luminance onlythen the alpha will be 1. More than likely, you will pick something in between. ASTC is a major step forward in terms of image quality, reducing memory bandwidth and thus energy use.

You must evaluate your particular needs, desires, and content. The following table shows the Texture compression format options available compreasion each platform, and the resulting compressed file size based on a px-square image.