Bálsamo de tolu. Obtención y aspectos del bálsamo: Es un producto natural, no patológico, del árbol. Es una sustancia pastosa, de color gris-blanco que al. Balsam, Balsam of Tolu, Balsam Tolu, Bálsamo de Tolú, Balsamum Tolutanum , Baume de Tolu, Baumier du Pérou, Myroxylan balsamum, Myroxylan. Common Names: Arbol de Balsamo (Ma.; JFM); Balsamito (Ma.; JFM); Balsamo JTR); Balsamo de Tolu (Brazil; Ca.; JTR); Balsamo di Peru (It.; EFS); Balsam of .

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It can cause allergic reactions, with numerous large surveys identifying it as being in the “top five” allergens most commonly causing patch test reactions. Interactions with Lab Tests: Lipkowitz; Tova Navarra Get detailed information on common side effects and potentially serious adverse reaction.

See a sample natural medicines monograph. In some cases, it is listed on the ingredient label of a product by one of its various names.

Used in Food, Drugs and Cosmetics. Retrieved March 10, However its main use in the modern era is in perfumerywhere it is valued for its tlou, mellow yet somewhat spicy scent. Retrieved March 6, It is similar to and frequently confounded with the balsam of Peru.

This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat Archived from the original PDF on Beforethe main recommended marker for perfume allergy was Balsam of Peru, which is still advised.


Óleo Absoluto de Bálsamo de Tolu – Laszlo – Frasco com 10ml

Get the facts before you take it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Leung’s Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients: Interactions with Diseases or Conditions: Balsam of Perualso known and marketed by many other namesis a balsam derived from a tree known as Myroxylon balsamum var. Today it is bslsamo under a handicraft process, and is mainly exported from El Salvador.

Tolu balsam

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Andrew’s Diseases of the Skin: Views Read Edit View history.

Meyler’s Side Effects of Herbal Medicines. Taking a dose that is too high can increase the chance of side effects and adverse outcomes. Diagnosis and Therapy — The Practical Approach.

A positive patch test is used to diagnose an allergy to Balsam of Peru. The balsam contains a fairly large amount of benzyl and cinnamyl esters of benzoic and cinnamic acid benzyl benzoatebenzyl cinnamate.

See if there are warnings against use during Pregnancy, Breast Feeding, or for Children.

Tolu balsam – Wikipedia

Retrieved August 30, Because of allergic reactions, since crude Balsam of Peru has been banned by the International Fragrance Association from use as a fragrance compound, but extracts and distillates are used up to a maximum level of 0. Platts-Mills; Johannes Ring Frosch; Jean-Pierre Lepoittevin Orally, tolu balsam is used for cough, bronchitis, inflammation of respiratory tract mucous membranes, as an expectorant, and for cancer.


See separate listing for Peru Balsam. Uses, Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings”. Textbook of Contact Dermatitis.

Óleo Absoluto de Bálsamo de Tolu – Laszlo – Frasco com 10ml

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In some instances, Balsam of Peru is listed on the ingredient label of a product by one of its various namesbut it may not be required to be listed by its name by mandatory labeling conventions.

Ironically, it is a well known cause of contact dermatitisa form of skin allergy. Retrieved December 15, Government Printing Office, pp. Topically, tolu balsam baalsamo used to treat of bedsores, cracked nipples, lips, and minor skin cuts. View 1 Canadian Licensed Products Containing: It is a brownish, sticky, semisolid mass.

Retrieved March 5, Natural medicines are often tried for many conditions based on tradition, anecdotes, or marketing, but not all of these uses are supported by reliable or credible scientific research. Among the alternate names used for Balsam of Peru are: Balsam of Peru is an aromatic viscous resin obtained by scorching or inflicting V-shaped wounds on the bark of the trunk of the tree Myroxylon balsamum var.

Prescription for Herbal Healing.