Indies, by Bartolome de las Casas This eBook is for the use of anyone PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK DESTRUCTION OF THE INDIES ***. “A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies,” by Bartolome de Las Casas Las Casas was not the only clerical voice that criticized Spanish imperialists. A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies by Bartolomé de las Casas. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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This is also a known thing, that they never do transport Indians from these places, but in their voyage they do pay the third part of them as a tribute to the waves, besides those that are murdered in their own houses.

And it was related to me for certain, that a ship going from Hispaniola to the Island of Lucayos, sailed thither without any compass, only by the carcasses that floated up and down the sea.

Dominick consulted about sending some of their Order to this Island, to spread the light of the Gospel among the Indians, for the salvation of their souls; Whereupon they sent a Licentiate, famous for his sanctity with a lay man, to accompany him, to visit the Country, converse with the Inhabitants, and to seek out fit places for the building of Monasteries.

After the first Captain, of whom we spake before, had put an end to the destruction of Panucon; and that there came news to him that the Kings Council was coming into these parts, he went further into the Country, that he might exercise his cruelties with more liberty, and caused fifteen or twenty thousand of the Indians to follow and carry the burdens of the Spaniards, of whom scarce two hundred returned alive, the rest being all destroyed; at length they came to the Province of Machuaca which is distant above forty miles from Mexico, and is nothing at all inferior to the other either for plenty of provision, or number of people; the king coming to meet him with all show of respect and honor, they put in prison because he was reported to be very rich: In which regions the said Governor gave liberty to all the Spaniards, especially to his Stewards and Officers, to exercise what tortures they pleased upon the Indians to draw out of them the knowledge where their treasure lay.

Those Indians that escaped with the rest of the inhabitants of the Country, gathered themselves together, resolving to hazard a war with the Spaniards, but alas with small prosperity, there being an infinite number of them slain. In this Kingdome, or else in some province of new Spain, it happened that a Spaniard being a hunting, his dogs seemed to him to be a hungry, whereupon he took a little Infant out of the mothers arms, and cutting off the thighs and arms of the Childe, cast it to his dogs, and when they had devoured those, he cast the whole body to them.

The discovery of germs wasn’t until the s, and their association with diseases was not even accepted by the medical profession until the s. The particulars of their cruelty are not to be remembered, only two or three that come into my mind I will relate.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies

This section contains words approx. In the year And in dr manner a Country abounding with Gold and people was totally destroy’d; in which there was a Valley forty miles long, where they burnt a Village that contained above a thousand houses.

Having committed so many detestable slaughters upon the Indians in Mexico, and other places distant ten, fifteen and twenty miles from thence, this tyrannical plague proceeded to infest and depopulate the City of Panuco.

Of these and other things innumerable I have been an eye-witness; Now because there were some that shun’d like so many als the cruelty of a Nation so inhumane, so void of piety and love to mankind, and therefore fled from them to the mountains; therefore they hunted them with their Hounds, whom they bred up and taught to pull down and tear the Indians like beasts: Their diet is such that the most holy Hermite cannot feed more sparingly in the wilderness.

It happened once that the Citizens of a very fair City distant about twelve miles from the place where we were, came forth of the City destryction do us honor, and to submit themselves to the King of Thhe, but they being returned home, the Governor of the Spaniards dfstruction the middle of the night as they were sleeping in their bed, and least suspecting any such thing, sent a company who came suddenly upon them, and set fire upon their houses, burning up both men, women and children, here some they murdered, others whom they spared, they tormented to make them tell where they had hid their Gold, after which they made them their slaves, having first marked them in the body: This Lord had saved many from death, who had lss out of other Provinces, from the murthers and slaughters of the Spaniards, being a kind of a fanctuary for the fick and half famished persons that came into his Country, and when they were recovered sent them back again to the Island of pearls where the Spaniards liv’d, though he had an opportunity to have slain them, there being none to regard or miss them; in brief, the Spaniards had all the houses of the inhabitants in common, and all the subjects of Higueroto they called their own subjects; but a persidious Spaniard took councel how he might destroy this Region which seem’d it self so safe and secure; presently therefore he sayl’d thither, and invited a great number of men to come a shipboard, who giving credit to the Spaniards, came willingly to them; but they were no sooner entred the destfuction, but the Spaniards hoysed sayl for the Island of St.


John, having sold at the least a million of men; neither they yet forebear in this year Here they put to the sword an infinite number of people, with many additions of cruelty. He divided and separated families, taking women from their husbands, daughters from their parents, which he gave to the Seamen and Soldiers.

View the Fe Plans. In these ten or twelve years, what with Men, Women, Youths, and Children, above four millions were casaa the Spaniards consumed part by fire, part by the sword in these destructive bsrtolome wars more unjust destrucyion more condemn’d both by the Law of God and men, then any invasion of the Turk against the Roman Catholic Religion.

A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies by Bartolomé de las Casas – Free Ebook

Martha, with a resolution to make a further discovery of the Divine Gold of Peru: Whereupon the Indians brought together a great company of spears which were guilt with Orichalcum, so that they seemed to be gold; but the Captain causing them to be touched, and not finding them to be gold, spake thus to the people, All curses light upon such a Region as this, wherein there is no Gold; and then commanded all those that had taken servants, to keep them in chains, and to mark them with the mark of servitude, which was immediately done, the Kings mark being burnt into their flesh; which I saw also done to the son of the chiefest man in all the City.

This being added, which I said before, that one Spaniard consumes in one day as much as would suffice to serve an Indian family consisting commonly of ten persons for a whole month. The religious persons being arriv’d were received as Angels from heaven, ear being giv’n to their words with all attention, alacrity and affection, that they were able at that time, for they were ignorant of our language; it happened afterwards when the religious persons were gone, that there came a band of Soldiers, who according to their customs of fraud and impiety, carried away captive the Prince of the Province, who either because that name was given him by the Religious persons, or by the other Spaniards was call’d Alfonsus; for they delight to be called by the names of the Christians, and therefore before they are informed of any thing else they desire to be baptized.

So that now the whole Region lay waste and desolate, the inhabitants being all fled to the Mountains for safety. And thus, also they carried their Artillery from one place to another, putting them upon their naked shoulders, whereby being oppressed with the monstrous weight of those burdens, they funk down often of them in the way, of which I was many times an eyewitness. Martha toward the West 50 miles, and is situated upon the confines of the Kingdome of Cerusia, being stretched upon the sea coast to the Bay of Uraba a hundred miles in length, Southward it is also stretched to a very great length.

This King suspecting nothing less, was by the craft and subtlety of the Spaniards taken in his own house; whom when they had taken they put a shipboard to send him to Castile; but there being six ships in the Port ready to set sail, the sea began to swell so high, and to be so unruly, that all the six ships with the Spaniards in them, together with King Canabao, who was laden with chains, all perished in the waves.

In this Country at that time Canabao did reign, who for power, dignity, gravity, and the ceremonies which were used towards him, far exceeded the rest. Those whom their pity did think fit to spare, they would send away with their hands half cut off, and so hanging by the skin.


But not long after the Spaniards returned with greater force upon the Noble man and having routed him, made slaves of all his people. John more then thirty in number, which were totally made desert.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies – Wikipedia

He worked his charges hard and became very prosperous. Among all the notorious enormities committed by the foresaid Governor, there is one not to be omitted: In which these words are written. Round about it lie an innumerable company of Islands, To throng’d with Inhabitants, that there is not to be found a greater multitude of people in any part of the world.

Journal of Anthropological Research.

All the Lords and Noble men, were kept a while in chains, and afterward at the Commandment of the Spanish Captain, tied to stakes and burnt to death. It was a sad spectacle to behold this poor people preparing themselves to ondies those burdens. The rest of his Nobles ended their lives in that servitude and slavery which shall be hereafter related.

The Cities they burnt to the ground; Their Princes, having first tormented them, they carried away captive, binding them in chains. Unto these two heads all the other several torments and inhumanities which they used to the ruin of these poor Nations may be reduced.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies is a book that marks a significant moment in the way 21st century colonial Latin American historians would address world history.

“A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies,” by Bartolome de Las Casas

And thus let us consider, in what estimation the Indians are among the Spaniards, and how the precept of Charity on which the Law and the Prophets depends is observed among them. De Las Casas’ A Short Accountwas a revised history of the conquest, in the way that he includes facts that would aid him in his argument.

It happened also, by reason that it came into the Governors mind to change the Indians from one Master to another, pretending to take away force from some that he saw began to envy him, that there was no seed time nor harvest for a whole year; now rather then the Spaniards would want, they took it from the Indians, by which means there perished no less then thirty thousand people; which caused one woman for hunger to eat her own childe.

It happened also that at another time, through the great tyranny and oppression of the evil Christians, that the Indians slew two religious persons of the order of St. Neither are those, which are prov’d, verifi’d to any purpose, neither is there that credit given to them as indeed there should be; for if they would but do their duty both to God and the King, they would soon made the King to have been cheated by the German Tyrants of above three millions of Gold; for the Region of Venezuela being about These Spaniards departed from the sea coast to the Islands of Hispaniola and St.

Inafter Las Casas first wrote the chronicle later known as A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indiesduring the hearings ordered by Charles I of Spain to resolve issues of forceful conversion and colonial exploitation of Indians, Las Casas presented the account before the members of the Council of the Indies as proof of atrocities committed upon Indians by colonial authorities.

Now being in this manner gathered together in a great and wide place, part of the Spaniards all in arm, stood at the door to keep the rest out, while others with Swords and Lances kill’d the innocent Lambs, so that not one escaped.

And what care do you take that they should be instructed in religion? He going through the Provinces adjoining to Mexico toward Guatemala, which are above four hundred miles in length, minded nothing else all the way he went, but slaughters, rapines, burnings, depopulations, compelling all upon the foresaid pretence to submit themselves to their cruelties, in the name of the King of Spain, whom they had never seen nor heard of, and whom they could not but think more unjust and cruel then his Ministers and Officers, yet giving them no time to deliberate, they wasted all before them with fire and sword.