User manual for the device Binatone SPEAKEASY 5. Online user manual database. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Binatone SPEAKEASY 5 User Manual • Binatone Phones. Get Binatone SPEAKEASY 5 Electronics Telephone User Manual. Get all Binatone manuals!.

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Binatonw You can obtain the instructions by going to the website of the manufacturing company and selecting your product and there should be a free download of the manual. Your BT Relate is now ready to use. Tell us some more! Quickdial Memory label Keep a note of stored numbers on the quickdial memory label.

Press to confirm you want to delete. Page 26 Please keep your sales till receipt – this is your guarantee. No Caller Display Have you subscribed to the service from your network provider and is it switched on?

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Press 6 three times to enter O. For example 7 should be entered as Quickdial memory buttons let you store numbers and dial them with a single press. The ringer equivalence numbers RENs of all instruments phones, faxmachines, etc. If the fault persists …Disconnect all other instruments connected to thesame line as the SpeakEasy 5 and see whether youcan make a call. Using the Pre-dial mode 1 Dial the telephone number. Mark two points on the wall that are mm apart to lay the fixing centers as shown below.


Press MENU button to confirm. The memory cannot exceed 22 digits duringprogramming and if exceeded, the memory willnot store the number.

Please can you help me? You should alsokeep the original packaging material. Raised Wall mounted 2.

Binatone 5 Telephone User Manual

Please enter a valid email address. Press the MENU button to NEVERattempt any repairs or adjustments yourself – you could make theproblem worse and invalidate the Guarantee. I have also unplugged the batteries and let them sit for a while.

Mar 14, Manuual Lands Phones. Display shows details of the most recently received call. If a call is received when the Calls list is full, the oldest entry will be deleted automatically. The system will time out if you leave! The factory setting is ON.

Page 16 Phonebook function continue Caller Display operation continue Press repeatedly to scroll to the number you want. When the caller display list is full, the new caller display entry will replace the oldest record. Before you wall-mount your BT Relate check that: User Guide Please don’t rank me low for the unavailability of the manual, I’m just trying to be as helpful as I can. More Print this page Share this page.

Need a manual for a binatone speakeasy 5 model 1326

The display shows the cursor blinking on the name field. To delete During the Caller Display review: Page 17 Phonebook function continue Environmental Do not expose to direct sunlight. The Caller Display information will also inclu Summary of the content on the page No. The display binatne returns to standbymode. No voice prompts Is the mains power connected and switched on?


You will need to rotate the handset hook to stop the handset from falling off. The display shows the cursor blinking on the number field. I would like a Binatone Speakeasy 5 user Manual in.

Copy a number to the directory 1. Locating the Base unit The Base unit should be placed on a level surface, binatonne a position The Guarantee does not cover damageby misuse or negligence, or by excessive voltages – for example, faults on thetelephone line, or lightning.

Binatone SPEAKEASY 5 : Electronics Telephone User Manual

Cleaning Simply clean the handset and base with a damp not wet cloth, or an anti-static wipe. Speaoeasy Set-up button To set up your phones features, page Plug the other end into the jack on the le Summary of the content on the page No. To remove the stand, 1 pinch the flexibleclips, 2 pull back the stand, and then 3 slide up and forward as shown below.