l CMW WCDMA RF Measurement l CMW LTE RF Measurement l Live Demo .. manual operation using CMW l step by step guide according to. View and Download Rohde & Schwarz CMW user manual online. Wideband Radio Communication Tester. CMW Test Equipment pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for Rohde & Schwarz CMW We have 1 Rohde & Schwarz CMW manual available for free PDF download: User Manual.

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Rohde & Schwarz CMW Manuals

When the application software is closed e. Measurement running after INITiate Page 9 Basic Safety Instructions Always read through and comply with the following safety instructions!

Page of Go. Connection States The con- nection states and state transitions are network-specific; refer to the description of the individual signaling application. Measurement has been terminated, valid results may be available. The device under test demodulates the received signals; the operatinv of bits or data blocks received in error is counted.

Atec Rohde-Schwarz-CMW500 User Manual – Download

Ip Subnet Configuration The multitechnology platform allows users to implement the concept of a lean production line from start to finish: Segmentation, Addressing And Resource Management Show Active Routing These settings control the routing of input signals, the correction of the input power, the RF analyzer and trigger system.

Abort Aborts the startup procedure. Markers Signaling applications provide integrated receiver quality tests. QUEStionable register indicates whether the data currently being acquired is of questionable quality.


Returns the contents of the EVENt part manuual the status register. Miscellaneous Instrument Settings It is possible to define several buffers, however, only one buffer can be active at any time. For additional com- mands refer to the following sections: For more details, refer to the description of the “Data Application Unit”. Buffer Contents And Buffer Commands It is possible to define several buffers, however, only majual buffer can be active at any time.

The instrument is connected to oerating computer that is running the program. The purpose of an Manuao measurement is to assess the performance of an RF receiver. The TX and RX module numbering is a logical numbering per sub-instrument, not per instrument.

Basic Safety Instructions 6. However, there are exceptions e. Select the applications for which an entry shall be displayed in the task bar. Wait until the end of the statistics cycle of measurement 1 and retrieve the results. Both generator types have their specific advantages.

Correction performed by the user The formula above is modified for the magnitude error and the phase error, where positive and negative contributions tend to compensate each other. This offers several applications, for example: Page The key words have a long form and a short form.

Query the measurement substates of measurement 2. Features Just one 19″ box for all technologies Just one scalable hardware Drastically reduced test costs; alignment up to cmw5500 times faster Optimized handling for production test systems. LCI mechanism not implemented. A RESet sets them to default values suitable for remote operation. Signaling applications provide integrated receiver quality tests. If a bit is set, a 0 to operatihg transition in the corresponding bit of the associated condition register causes a 1 to be written in the associated bit of the corresponding event register.


According to the effect they have on the instrument: Macro execution must be enabled deliberately for every remote manuao. The command returns the error numbers without any description of the errors. It pro- ceeds in the order in which it receives the data. Saves all correction tables of the addressed sub-instrument from the RAM to the hard disk.

R&S®CMW | Production Test | Overview | Rohde & Schwarz

It provides a graphical presentation of the front panel. The header of each instrument-control command contains the logical software entity the command is manuap to, eliminating the need of addressing the enti- ties e.

Reading the PTRansition register is non- destructive. The key words have a long form and a short form. Page 12 Basic Safety Instructions 6. They are marked “not IEEE