Birthright. 2 scholars of the world’s secret history would come to call the Sin War. It was not a war in the sense of men-at-arms—though there were those. All three Sin War books are currently available on the Blizzard Store .. I own the second book (Scales of the Serpent) and I have yet to read it. Diablo: The Sin War Book One: Birthright by Knaak, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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In this series there is a lot of political views. View all 3 comments. Which is a shame cause I really think that Diablo has a interesting universe that has it’s own spin on the classic fantasy genre and this book does it no justice. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The characters are alive and just deep enough that you’ll feel for them and worry about their safety or sanity.


But the manner things unfold and how the characters react to it, it’s plain idiotic both for the book’s universe and the reader. Having said that, this book is awful.

Uldyssian is by far the silliest in my opinion, as he tries to be biethright a greek hero; Strong, Masculine and Clever, but also Tender, Humble and Emotional.

Birthrught I did enjoy this read, the beginning can be a little difficult to get through. Jan 27, Daniel Facchini rated it liked it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I didn’t like that approach of author in this book.


It shows how Uldyssian birthriht from being a farmer to being a superpowered human on the run. Nov 10, Stephen Holtman rated it it was amazing.

Birthright (Diablo: The Sin War, #1) by Richard A. Knaak

Book ratings by Goodreads. This is the first novel I’m reading since Waar was in high school. Nevertheless he provides for good entertainment, as does the bookk in general. Too bad characters are bland, predictable, there are no twists, and you pretty much figure everything out on the fi A decent enough plot, but poorly written by Knaak.

This is a trilogy, but there is no way you could pay me to read the rest.

Sin War (Novels)

This is the tale of the Sin War — the conflict that would forever change the destiny of man. The story starts out a little confusing, and had difficulties keeping my attention. The Black Road Mel Odom. Recommended for Diablo players.

Diablo: The Sin War Trilogy, Book One: Birthright Q&A

Characters are flat and one dimensional, the diiablo is really slow, and as far as Diablo’s lore goes this feels more like X-men than a gothic tale of magic. And, quite honestly, as I read on, I realized I had to find out how bad this book would get. Available soon, pre-order now.

Now, Uldyssian must grapple with onr energies building within him — lest they consume the last vestiges of his humanity. This sort of thing always makes me want to start reading the next book in the series, right away. Determined to win mankind over to their respective causes, the forces of good and evil wage a secret war for mortal souls.


WoW War of the Ancients trilogy that was actually worth reading and entertaining so I decided to give it a try. After the best bud went bye bye, I started to actually pay attention.

Sin War (Novels) | Diablo Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. I don’t like him. Uldyssian, a simple farmer from the village of Seram, is mistakenly blamed for the grisly murders of two traveling hirthright. His friends join him, along with the mysterious woman, and they flee to where?

Those of you who have been playing the games since the original Diablo will recognize the town siin Tristram as the setting in which Diablo I and the Hellfire expansion took place.

Too bad characters are bland, predictable, there are no twists, and you pretty much figure everything out on the first 25 pages. Story is okay, I don’t want to spoil much. He is forced to flee his homeland with his brother and two of his dearest friends.

What Lne found most interesting was the relationships between them.