SAP FI Dunning – Learn SAP FICO in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Overview, Submodules. Welcome to the tutorial about SAP Dunning Process. This tutorial is part of our free SAP FI training course. An organization that sells goods or. Tutorial about SAP Dunning configuration. Learn the key steps in SAP Dunning configuration within the SAP Customizing transaction (SPRO).

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The preconfigured terms code will dictate the fiico in which the customer is required to pay invoices. Hi Julie, Very nice and detailed document. Really great work done and this will help for me a lot because am new to this community.

Dunning Procedures for Customer Configuration Steps SAP

These are different for customer and vendor credit memos. Thanks Julie, you as well! November 25, at 4: If you wanted to use multiple dunning procedures within dunninh same company code for a customer, you could utilize the Dunning areas button and assign accordingly see configuration tutorial on how to set up.

Standard FI document type DZ is typically used for this purpose. The company I work for is moving toward implementation, and they are concerned about letters going out too soon, based on invoice due dates and dunning periods.

The Dunning program can be executed either as a batch job or using an online dialog transaction. It is very helpful Doc.

A dialog box will appear. Define Block reason for Dunning Notices.


SAP Dunning Run Step by Step Demonstration – Free SAP FI Training

Go to previous lesson: As noted earlier, each level can have a different text which typically escalates in verbiage severity. Go to previous lesson: What could be the cause for the difference between the number of generated notices and printed notices?

July 3, at 1: Again, you may find this to be similar to AP when thinking of payment blocks. Each level will contain a unique form with escalating level of severity. Keep on sharing and God bless U. Hopefully, that tutorial gave a general understanding of the purpose of Dunning, listed some of the key elements that must be configured to use the functionality, and a provided a brief explanation of the Dunning program itself.

Create Dunning Keys We define dunning keys in this step. You will see a dialog pop up box asking if you want to save the parameters. As previously noted, the Dunning procedure is where most of the control of SAP Dunning process occurs. July 30, at 6: At this moment the statement contains only the 1 day past due invoices and we want to add the 0 days today also to the statement. Hi Raavi, Thank you for your reading.

Additional information will also be provided on Dunning notices.

SAP Dunning Run Step by Step Demonstration

This is where we can specify what the Dunning charge is for each level. August 17, at 4: Line item grace periods — grace periods taken into consideration when calculating Dunning notices due. This can either be done manually using an online dialog transaction or automatically using background batch jobs.

Open link in a new tab.

  IMM 5287 PDF

Click on Schedule button. To update the statuses as you proceed with each step, click on one of the other tabs dknning back on the status tab to see the latest status. Enter the Dunning Date Enter the Date upto which the documents for dunning are to be considered Enter the Company Code for dunning Ssp customers and vendors to be dunned.

Step 6 In the next screen select the printer to print the dunning notices generated. Thank you very much for you reading, guy! November 28, at 3: The Dunning Procedure is assigned to each customer in the company code correspondence tab in the customer master record only one Dunning procedure can be applied to a customer at a time. Dunning Selection Complete Status The message is stating that there is 1 item that will get a dunning notice.

Remaining items that are deemed to be in arrears based on the terms code previously mentioned will be addressed using the Dunning program.

Hi Erwin, Thank you very much. September 1, at 9: Do you have a question and want it to be answered ASAP? Dico reminders typically start gently and grow in severity as invoices continue to age.

August 2, at Dunning Printout Complete and Notice Printed At this point, the Dunning program has completed and we should have a spool report to review that will show the Dunning notice.