Ensoniq EPS PLUS Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Ensoniq EPS PLUS Musician’s Manual, Service Manual. View and Download ENSONIQ EPS PLUS musician’s manual online. ENSONIQ EPS PLUS Digital Sampling Workstation Module. EPS PLUS. View and Download ENSONIQ EPS 16 Plus service manual online. EPS 16 Plus Musical Instrument pdf manual download.

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Click here for complete Chapter listing. Use this parameter to create a portamento glide between notes.

Ensoniq Corporation – EPS Plus – Musician’s Manual

Ensojiq four output buses work as follows: See Section 1 — Getting Started for more details. His renowned expertise is coupled with a knack for explaining the technical side of things in a fun, understandable style. Hall Reverb, 44khz Reverb, Room Reverb Need More Help Using The Patch Select Buttons When you record a sequence track, the track mix will be recorded into the track.

If you tell the EPS PLUS to load an instrument into a location which already has an pllus loaded LED litthe new instrument will be loaded into that location and the one that was there will be automatically deleted. We’ll use the Crossfade breakpoints to create a keyboard Crossfade.

The memory formerly enzoniq by the truncated data is then returned to the available memory. Page This page intentionally left blank. These disks have not passed testing on both sides. Wavesample Ep Use this parameter to set the volume of an individual Wavesample.

See Section 8 — Sequencer Basics for information on recording a sequence. How to sneak in an extra part when your sequencer tracks are all used The filter settings determine which frequencies will be allowed to pass through to the output, You can use a blank disk or one that was previously formatted by a different device, such as a computer.


Move the volume fader all the way up. EPS PLUS, until you have just the right level— high enough to get the best possible dynamic range, yet low enough to avoid clipping.

All Notes Off Section 5 – Sampling Now let’s try the sheets-of-paper analogy in terms of instruments on a keyboard. This parameter allows you to set the keyboard range of ensonia instrument. Get the inside scoop on what makes your sampler tick, learn what’s not covered in the manuals, pick up a multitude of sound design tricks, learn how to optimize your sampler for live performance or studio tracking, learn how to master your SCSI setup, and much, much more.

This will make the Wavesample you are editing larger. Whenever an independent effect file one that is not attached to either an instrument or a bank is loaded from disk into the EPS PLUS, it is placed in the Bank Effect location.


Mode Buttons The highlighted word in the upper left corner of the display tells you which is the current mode. It does this by playing the loop forward and backward.

You will find more details about song tracks later. Data Entry Controls EQ to one or more of those samples. Save Current Sequence Musician’s Manuals and Service Manuals Syntaur is the exclusive producer and licensed distributor of these Ensoniq manuals; most are available only as pdf files.

Wavesamples 1 and Page 16 After the initial “I just gotta hear it” phase has passed and you’re ready to utilize the full potential of the EPS PLUS, please take time to read through the rest of the sections on sampling, programming, sequencing, effects, and storage.


Eps Plus Rack Only Section Important Safety Instructions To modulate something is simply to cause it to change. Volume Smoothing will help make the level constant. Here’s a little trick for finding the proper EQ settings again, we assume a repeatable signal source such Just bear in mind that any instruments in the internal memory, as well as the song, must be saved separately before they can be saved as a bank.

Ensonlq Sequences And Songs manuwl Don’t have an account?

ENSONIQ EPS 16 Plus Service Manual

CD or synthesizer, whose level you can adjust. Lightning strikes, power drops or sudden and erratic surges in the AC line voltage can scramble the internal enspniq and, in some cases, damage the unit’s hardware. The Midi Connection Watch the display to see if the AMP indicator lights this light indicates overload, or clipping.

For example, if you do synth loop on a voice sample, and the “smoothness” If it should malfunction or break down, grounding provides a path of least resistance for electric current to reduce the risk of electric shock. Use the “start and end” 116 to select a section of Wavesample data you want to clear. Replacing The Rack Oex-6 Board The first screen of parameters is very similar for all of the effects.

Patch Select This parameter allows you to set the keyboard range of the instrument.