Eurail Traveler’s Guide – Rail Read more about eurail, valid, railway, Eurail Traveler’s Guide – English · eurail. Eurail and Train Travel Guide to Europe. Eurail Traveler’s Guide – English · Eurail Traveler’s Guide – English. Europe by Rail: The Definitive Guide for Independent Travellers. For example, in my first “rail trip” to Europe in , I visited five countries . all the main train routes in all Europe, a Eurail Pass Timetable, and a Eurail Guide.

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Silja Line ferries Stockholm-Turku for train to Helsinki. For trains departing from Prague, including international trains and couchettes or sleepers Extra fees Not all trains are free when using the pass.

In fact there’s a small marketing team based in Utrecht in the Netherlands who manage the Eurail scheme on behalf of the 26 national train operators. How to use a Eurail pass – how Eurail passes work. Now factor in any necessary Eurail reservation fees And as virtually no Swiss train requires a supplement or reservation, a railpass still gives you that wonderful hop on, hop off convenience that railpasses have lost in France, Spain or Italy where every long-distance train now requires a reservation.

Where are you going? Eurail passes allow you to travel on all the normal scheduled trains run by the national train operator, whether high-speed, inter-city, overnight, local, regional or suburban. No discount on Nice-Digne private eruail reduction previously given discontinued. In other cases trying to dodge the fast train reservation fee is more trouble than trwvelers worth, as it means taking a relay-race of local trains, taking hours longer and involving several changes of train.

Tips For Choosing The Best Eurail Pass & Money Saving Strategies

Euril sure you do this carefully and clearly — if you make a mistake, you lose a travel day. Reservation optional, so nothing extra to pay unless you want a reserved seat. It used to cover Poland too, but I believe they pulled out.


Back to top Belgium Eurail passes 2100 unlimited travel on If you have kidsthey get a Eurail pass for free, so this might tip the balance towards a pass.

Simply use the alternative Dutch InterCity trains for free, instead! Back to home page. Back to top Croatia Eurail passes give unlimited travel on A Eurail Single-Country pass covers just one country of your choice. For example, if you take a night train from Paris to Berlin and the train leaves after 7 pm, you only use up one travel day. Overnight sleeper trains cover huge distances such as Travleers to Prague or Paris to Venice, effectively faster than flying and it saves hotel bill, too.

If you’re planning a grand tour, I strongly recommend investing in a European Rail Timetable for in-depth train information, and the relevant Lonely Planet Guide for in-depth country information on the sights to see, places to stay, places to eat. Which trains does Eurail cover in each country? You can avoid Euraiil by using ICE trains or by using much slower hourly local trains, changing travdlers at Aachen.

Beginner’s guide to Eurail passes | Buy a Eurail pass online

A Eurail single-country pass now exists for each participating country including from France. This replaced the old E forms as from January For example, passes don’t cover the Euskotren trafelers local giide in Spain, the Circumvesuviana railway Naples-Pompeii-Sorrento or the Jungfrau line in Switzerland. By doing this, you can work out costs for your accommodation, food, and any other activities you plan on indulging in.

I barely used it, as it has limited information and very routine itineraries.

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Point-to-point prices always include any compulsory reservations. A Eurail pass also gives free travel on the following private local train operators who eurali run trains on lines that were part of the main NS network: To find out if there is a reasonable no-fee alternative, try using the Europe-wide online timetable at www. Second, start looking at the length of your trip and all the places you want to visit.


This is this a great Europe-wide timetable app which you can use to check train times whilst on the move – the timetable works offline, so no data cost issues. A Flexi pass day normally runs from midnight to midnight. But if you booked a cheap fare in advance it would still be cheaper than even an 8-day pass.

The first class fee is usually the same as the 2nd class one, but is sometimes higher. A Eurail pass is the best thing in the world for people travelling travelres western and northern Europe, specifically Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavia.

Aren’t you on vacation? To make passholder reservations on the Glacier Express in Switzerlandsee here. Swiss passes cover a few more private operators than Eurail passes do.

How to Save Money Traveling Europe by Train

Although this is not a complete review of the book – since we only visited western Europe. Prague to Vienna by railjet train: On December 16, by Linda Martin in Travel.

Eurail passes are also valid in 2nd class gide competing hourly Westbahn trains Salzburg-Vienna, www. Change the Czech flag to the UK flag for English.

If you don’t find the train you want, or want to double-check these prices, see www.

Youth passes allow you to choose a 1st or 2nd class version. Or buy from the official Eurail site, www. On the other hand, if you wanted to take another train on 3rd August after alighting from the sleeper, that means using up ekrail travel day on your pass, this time dated 3rd August.

For comparison, you can check German point-to-point fares at www. If you have a flexi-type pass you don’t need to use up a day.