The purpose of GURPS Thaumatology is to offer solutions. Often, RPGs are accused of tying up magic in strict rules, losing its truly fantastical, magical essence. Steve Jackson Games is committed to full support of GURPS players. page for GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic can be found at. GURPS Thaumatology contains the best 3rd Edition magic variants and adds many all-new options. The full extent of each of these chapters can be seen in the .

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Privacy Policy Contact Us. Of course, how FTL drives work doesn’t really have any real influence on game mechanics the way the intensely personal nature of spellcasting does. That skill, and skills for each particular tradition—a ‘path’ or ‘book’—makes up all the skill entries on the character sheet, which is a lot more compact than the normal system.

A college-by-college look at the basics taught to beginning wizards, complete with handy spell lists. If you don’t play GURPSbut want to tinker around with a different magic system, this isn’t as good at cross-system inspiration as some other GURPS vurps, but it does have a lot to say, and there’s very little out there that addresses the the thaumaatology at all.

Email Required, but never shown. First, ‘Verb-Noun’ magic, gur;s every spell consists of what is being done to whom.

Chinese Elemental Powers — A flavorful example of using powers to represent magical arts. The system is arranged around wider-ranging, and more subtle, effects than the usual ‘mage as artillery’ systems seen in many RPGs, though very high skill levels can allow a character to shortcut many limitations. Jeff rated it it was amazing Feb 02, Magical Styles penned by Sean Punch, a radical revision of spell innovation, new ghoul-themed rituals, and other arcane amazements!

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Books by Phil Masters. This ranges from different tweaks to the advantage that allows spell-casting, to the possibility of basing spell casting on something other than intelligence say, willpower.

This allows for inventiveness from the player, and the use of Symbol Drawing skill and skill in each symbol used which means a character can easily be better at certain types of effects. Magic as inherent powers. Alchemical Baroque — A world that mixes musketry with magic, and sets it all against an almost-familiar historical backdrop if you ignore the fairies and talking cats.


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GURPS Thaumatology by Phil Masters

For instance, Traveller was originally meant as a generic SFRPG, before it started generating a setting that pretty well took over the line in later iterations. You’re very unlikely to be using the whole of the book in one campaign, any more than you’d be using all of Fantasy or Space Some of its advice is relevant to games with Magic -style spellcasting, other bits aren’t.

This book lets you take a deep look at Qabbala or Hermetic Astrology or Taoist bagua and hexagrams without having a guru try to tell you that theirs is the one true path and all others are false.

In many ways, this is a manual on how write an RPG at least the magic part not just how run magical characters. Practical tools for restructuring colleges and prerequisites. Still, I consider it a missed opportunity that Thaumatologyfor all of its wide-ranging discussion of a number of different systems and their variations, doesn’t even begin to provide a framework of discussion by taking a real comparative look at its own systems, grouping and giving an overview of them.

Academy, fraternity, guild, order, school, society. This one is a look at magic systems and how to best use them in your game. Fantasy settings are defined by their magic.

View all 4 comments. Just as often, though, such groups represent philosophically distinct sects with unique magical methods, known as magical arts or styles. Rob Schillinger rated it really liked it May 23, Magic Rhaumatology — new perks thaumatolovy wizards only!

Jeffrywith1e 1, 1 8 Then is Syntactic Magic, which works similarly, with everything split up into categories, which need to be worked out by the GM, though two general schemes are presented: The Path of the Book After this Thaumatology finally starts going further afield. Thaumatology is not This is not a gaming source book. Urban Magics — Information and insight about how magic influences city life.

Magical Advantage The last ‘crunchy’ chapter points out that many of the gurpx presented in Basic Set could easily have a magical origin. Thaumatoligy, Thaumatology lets a GM write the source book on magic for their campaign world. After that comes a section on Ritual Magic, which is an expansion of a system suggested in Basic Set. Cal Godot rated it it was thaumztology Apr 07, But even sticking with the early, non-setting specific materials, it still has a number of assumptions built into the basic rules.


Finally, “Assisting Spirits” has the idea of a character getting a large break on spellcasting It proposes giving skill modifiers for various astrological or symbolic concerns, possibly being used to overcome a flat overall penalty or they may be needed to be able to cast at all! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It is also worth noting that there are four different magic systems that currently get a fair amount of use in GURPSeach with its own distinct mode of operation, and thhaumatology of them are in Thaumatology.

GURPS Thaumatology

For the GM, it offers tools for giving diverse magical arts distinctive thaumatological roles in the campaign. Finally, Sorcery magic as Powers just recently came out, and perhaps won’t see that much use, but so far seems to have a lot of people wanting to use it, and is based off a popular idea. One of the first sections notes that it probably not worth the GM’s yurps to work on an elaborate magic system unless magic is going to be a central pillar of the campaign. Age of Gold — In the world of the s, costumed crimefighters clash with cunning criminals.

Some more serious alternatives are looked at with the idea of age granting power to items after thaumatolpgy, all the most powerful items in fiction are immeasurably old Other systems got introduced in various worldbooks during 3rd Edition, but it would take a 4th Edition book to really look at the problem.

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