Latin writings of religious or philosophic teachings ascribed to Hermes Trismegistus, with Walter Scott’s extensive notes, commentary, and addenda. It is sai. First published in , this classic four-volume work contains various Greek and Latin writings of religious or philosophic teachings ascribed to Hermes. Walter Scott. — Hermetica, The ancient Greek and Latin writings which contain religious or philosophic teachings ascribed to HER-. MES TMRISMEGISTUS.

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It covers topics which also occur in the Corpus Hermeticum, but touches on several other issues as well – among them magical processes for the manufacture of gods and a long and gloomy prophecy of the decline of Hermetic wisdom and the end of hermetics world. Though essentially a scholar and shy in nature, Scott’s work at Sydney and Montreal was much appreciated. What makes Biblio different? The Perfect Sermon or Asclepiuswhich is also included here, reached the Renaissance by a different route.

For thought alone can see that which is hidden, inasmuch as thought itself is hidden from sight; and if even the thought which is within you is hidden from your sight, how can He, being in himself, be manifested to you through your bodily eyes?

The Talisman is about conflict between Christians and Muslims. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He did distinguished work as a classical scholar, but the amount of it was limited by his precarious health. The attempt, though, made the language and concepts of the Hermetic tractates central to much of post-medieval magic in the Hermehica. Ferguson, came out some years later. Looking for More Great Reads? Find Rare Books Book Value.


Hermetica: Volume Two

His novels about Scottish history deal with clashes between the new English culture and the old Scottish. Daniel Schwindt rated it it was amazing Apr 03, Chris Feldman rated it it was amazing Jul 26, This is unfortunate, for Mead’s translations of the Hermetic literature were until quite recently the best available in English.

Sign up to hdrmetica offers and updates: Dana Smith rated walher did not like it Jan 31, First edition thus ISBN: Bill Hegeman rated it liked it Jul 13, Views Read Edit View history.

It is said that these teachings are records of private, intimate talks between a teacher and one or two of his disciples. This is For You. His translation saw print inand was reprinted at least twenty-two times over the next century and a half. Inspired by Your Browsing History. The Hermetic philosophy was seen as a scort wisdom tradition, identified with the “Wisdom of the Egyptians” mentioned in Exodus and lauded in Platonic dialogues such as the Timaeus. Books by Walter Scott.

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The Corpus Hermeticum & Hermetic Tradition — Introduction ot the Translation

Want to Read saving…. This complete translation of the Corpus Hermeticum by Walter Scott is a masterpiece.

The Waverley Novels express his belief in the need for social progress that does not reject the traditions of the past.

The Future Is Open. Christopher rated it really liked it Feb 02, Adorno, Foucault and the Critique of the West. Augustine of Hippo quotes from the old Latin translation at length in his City of God, and copies remained in circulation in medieval Europe all the way up to the Renaissance. The treatises we now call the Corpus Hermeticum were collected into a single volume in Byzantine times, and a copy of this volume survived to come into the hands of Lorenzo de Medici’s agents in the fifteenth century.


If, as the scholars of the Renaissance believed, Hermes was a historical person who had written all these things, and if Church Fathers had quoted his philosophical works with approval, and if those same works could be shown to be wholly in keeping with some definitions of Christianity, then the whole structure of magical Hermeticism could be given a second-hand legitimacy in a Christian context.

I am finally seeing the interconnection between Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity.

Quotes from Hermetica, Vol. Better Herketica Books Ltd Condition: Quotations from the Hermetic literature in the Church Fathers who were never shy of leaning on pagan sources to prove a point accepted a traditional chronology which dated “Hermes Trismegistus,” as a historical figure, to the time of Moses. Your purchase also supports literacy charities.

Shembo rated it it was amazing Aug 20, The book includes detailed descriptions of the divine teachings of the Egyptian God of writing, magic, and wisdom, Tahuti Toth aka Hermes Trismegistustogether with Latin and Greek versions of the text.

Love for Imperfect Things.

Start Where You Are. Scott created and popularized historical novels in a series called the Waverley Novels. Used book in very good condition. Lane Waoter rated it it was amazing Aug 05, Meadoriginally published as Vol. Say What You Mean.