This review first appeared in the July issue of hi-end hifi magazine High Fidelity of Poland. You can also read this review of the Krell Si in its original . All: Any critiques or recommendations for the Krell Si Integrated? The thing apparently weighs a ton and delivers: Watts into 8 ohm The very first thing that impressed me about this ‘first from China’ Krell (origin unambiguously printed on the rear panel), was the sheer mass of the packed unit .

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Everybody will have to on their own. This chunky integrated has enough grunt to rival our watt per channel reference power amplifier, and it is terrifically composed with it.

Interfaces-Ports iPod Supported Yes. This electro-pop jam opens with a tight snare and quickly adds some sick low bass as the first verse develops. You just need to remember good cables. IR is sketchy and RF control is clearly better, but having all of your gear hard wired makes controlling krel system installed in another room a lot easier and more reliable.

Of the products in my system that I got for my birthday – the NAD integrated amp was one of the most notable components. I have found that this can also be true for audio electronics, except where examples are deliberately built of special krell materials. Channel separation was an average and more than satisfactory 67dB at 1kHz and 47dB at 20kHz. On “Voodoo Chile Slight Return ” the first entry to the onslaught of the main musical theme held up with the grace that you expect from a true audiophile component with big inwall speakers singing at a level that I promise you most people wouldn’t believe.

And if it’s more than a few years old, if you don’t like it you’ll likely sell it for what you bought it for.


What Hi-Fi?

Aug 18 – 6: This review page is supported in part by the sponsors whose ad banners are displayed below. The organ farther back in the mix is warm, rich, yet still detailed.

Thanks In Advance, Ron. Transformer mechanical hum was low, though there was a trace of hum in the electrical noise floor. These are the reasons I am interested in what I believe to be a very strong company: June 25, – 9: All images contained in this review are 3000i property of High Fidelity or Harbeth. It starts off with having the Krell 3300i.

Myron Ho says the Krell Theater 7 sets a new standard at this price point. A good amp can make less expensive speakers sound quite good. You want to be in the club, you need to step up and get a mainstream unit from them.

6moons audio reviews: Krell Si

High frequencies are a little thin and brittle too, emphasising the sibilance in recordings. It also includes a high-quality phono stage. More so than most rivals, your musical taste will decide whether this Krell appeals or not. Not consistent enough to recommend We thought long and hard about the 3000i star rating: I own several pair of speakers and soundstaging also varies with the speakers in use.

The presentation from the midrange upwards lacks body, projection and natural warmth. Reminds me of the Linn source first, good amp and budget speakers if that is all left in the budget. One minor defect concerned the screws holding the rear power switch bracket which were loosening on this well used example. I reminded myself of all this during the listening session with their newest integrated amplifier, the Si. The unit is remote controlled and has fully balanced operation for reportedly lower noise.

Later during intense listening sessions with the unit – the Samsung Blu-ray player for the gym was removed from the top of the Krell, kell I was able to get it to overheat and politely go into protection. A full-function remote is provided. My PSBs have never been happier then when powered with Krell. More than 5 years now that I think of it. When we say Accuphase, we think of krel precise, thorough but also somewhat sweet sound. Few of this integrated’s rivals have that kind of pedigree or historical performance.


When I visit Krwll website here: It’s no big deal to me whether I sell it or not, but it is a steal for someone who wants a great amp at a cheap price. x

Although I fancied that I still preferred even a cheap Panasonic battery CD player to those carefully recorded full res WAV files replayed via my Apple Classic, it was certainly useable for mood music and for less critical situations. Yet there is a catch.

TESTED: Krell S-300i Integrated Amplifier

My question to you: Let it warm up for the best part of a week from new, and two qualities take pride of place. Maybe you have a large listening room and need to extract every watt from any amp? A little too dark for my tastes. I am here to listen.

You can also read this review of the Krell Si ss its original Polish version. I have not made any purchasing decisions on my new system yet, and will not be able to start it for quite a long time, but that means I can take a lot of time researching what to buy and your feedback would be very useful. The Si does not emphasize any parts of the audio range.