KT a. f. beam pentode. Base: OCTAL. Uf = 6,3 V. If = 1, 6 a. Typical Characteristics: Ua. = V. Ug2. = V. Ia. = ma. Ig2. = max. KT BEAM PENTODE. V INDIRECTLY HEATED. ISSUE 2. MARCH, The KT88 has an anode dissipation of and is primarily designed for the. given as a guide only – please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. KT88 Ratings.

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The print however is clean, not burned. The age of tube developments has ended around So you see, IF the new copies Gold Lion copies are ktt88 good as the original, as they say, here I see a sharp difference. Better than the tubes itself. All sales is organized via USA, and they have their official worldwide dealers. They supply not really cheap, but for that you get perfect material.

Strong a dattasheet tank. Our Own Damn Socket Type. They are already checked, and “good”, and that’s it. A real alternative if you want to hear another sound.

There is no other sound from another glass color. KT88 Tube Curves measured. For a serious tube dealers, trying to do a good job, this becomes a problem, as he has no way to do incoming inspection. It seems to me, these curves are hand kt8. I think those are genuine.

KT88 Datasheet PDF

This is really BIG business is China. Class-A amplifiersingle-ended class-AB amplifierpush—pull. Views Read Edit View history.


After El there was a side step called EL which was unique because it had a frame grid and Zirconium gettering. The HiFi market is only a few percent of our sales anyway. No NOS spotted, but good used tubes are cheap. They think you must be pretty stupid. That is, you are supposed to pay the price they ask, when it is a reasonable price for you personally, like they know it, and like you know it. What is hand-written in there, is nothing but general information, and NOT related to the particular tubes inside the boxes.

This they do with an oriental smile on their face, and you get screwed of course. Due to its availability and characteristics, the KT88 is popular in hi-fi production amplifiers.

KT88 Datasheet(PDF) – List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

Another very raw fake. Vacuum tubes Guitar amplification tubes. Well forget about this sticker as from now on. To me it looks the bulb is hard glass. Don’t let anyone mislead you. There just is no good way to talk straight with them. I am sorry but this is how things are. If you are skilled with data sheets, and read these certificates carefully, you will see this is just hand written information which they took from the standard data sheet. We can easily do without it if we have to. I don’t know what happened to this part.

So problems can get passed on to the buyers before you know it. The left tube getter looks fine.

Model: BTP-KT88

This page datazheet last edited on 6 Mayat Since with KT88 a side getter is a must have. The question is if you need that.


Can be anything from a KT88 to awith a larger glass bulb. Imagine, Tesla was trying to sell those, and the smart guys on Audio Asylum were asking the usual questions, like who has heard them, and did anybody have problems with them.

Also datashdet part of the getter is gone. These tubes have to be evacuated in ovens for four or more days, using lots of energy, and using up the lifetime of the manufacturing equipment.

KT88 @ The Valve Museum

It looks to me, the V line has it’s right corner slipped up a bit. These people are committed to Kt8. It was only refinement and miniaturization, which was new, but not an invention. Real pentode Can do higher voltage. Don’t we all want to read from the getter how good the tubes are ; Well sometimes you can, sometimes not. Scotch Tape for PCB layout. The search for “Better” KT88 tubes is the most craziest I have ever seen.

When I read the babble on audioasylum, the experts confuse me. After that AL4 was developed. You can calibrate your tube tester with those! These are miracles of manufacturing. On the right picture you see two good used tubes that were offered an Internet tube dealer homepage, for very high prices.