View WOC from NURSING at Airlangga University. Makalah Neurogenic ; Airlangga University; NURSING – Summer. Looking for Documents about Makalah Urolithiasis? Makalah Dan Asuhan Keperawatan UROLITHIASISmakalah pbl 20 urolithiasis-kasus Do ureteric stent extraction strings affect stent-related quality of life or complications after ureteroscopy for urolithiasis: a prospective randomised control trial.

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Irrigant flow and intrarenal pressure during flexible ureteroscopy: Change tack, pass the flexible scope over the stone wire and perform your flexible ureteroscopy without a sheath see below or simply stent the patient and come back another day.

Excess wire in the renal end can equally hamper progress. If the stent is not moving, use fluoroscopy to check the wire placement in the collecting system. The base of the tumor can be snared, and then avulsed with some traction. Simple hand held pump devices can be used and will help increase irrigant flow. The placement of a ureteric stent, particularly in an emergency setting, such as relieving obstruction in an infected system, can be a daunting task. We advocate performing an initial semi-rigid ureteroscopy before placement of the access sheath.

Other factors that can affect the quality of vision include the focusing of optical scope, adjusting the brightness of light, correct white balancing and appropriate use of vision enhancement features on the stacking system.

When initially placing the ureteroscope, we would advocate having it free of all attachments irrigation channel, light and camera leadsenabling smoother passage.

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This technique can be technically challenging and is not universally practised. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. When placing the stent, if one is having difficulty with buckling at the UO, bring the cystoscope closer to the UO and push slowly under vision.

Whilst field of view may be reduced in some comparisons, this is counteracted by an increase in image size [ 7 ]. The working guide wire has been withdrawn slightly, such that the coiled loop is of smaller diameter.

Urolitihasis will also reduce torque and pressure on the flexible scope. A straight safety wire is present, but the working wire, over which the access sheath is being passed, is substantially coiled in the bladder. Outcomes of stenting after uncomplicated ureteroscopy: Ureteric and renal tumors Urllithiasis ureterorenoscopy and biopsy has been recommended for cases of upper tract tumors [ 310 ]. This will help reduce unnecessary readmissions for stent related symptoms.

Tips and tricks of ureteroscopy: consensus statement. Part II. Advanced ureteroscopy

The second technique utilises single use biopsy devices. Blood will affect vision and may result in a premature end to the procedure.

Somani2 Jake Patterson3 Ben R. The scope is advanced into the patient to the upper pole — the presence of the safety wire in the upper calyx can aid this both under endoscopic urolithiqsis fluoroscopic control.

Improving vision in the kidney Vision is key to achieving good fragmentation and stone-free rates, particularly in the kidney. Pass the sheath slowly, feeling for resistance when placing over the wire. If one tries to envisage the potential problems preoperatively, appropriate solutions can be considered beforehand.


Tips and tricks of ureteroscopy: consensus statement. Part II. Advanced ureteroscopy

Ureteric stenting The placement of a ureteric stent, particularly in an emergency setting, such as relieving obstruction in an infected system, can be a daunting task. With minor bleeding, increasing the irrigation for a few minutes may help improve the view. The maklaah of disposable laser fibres is increasing, and they have been shown to be cost-effective and reduce ureteroscope damage [ 6 ]. Furthermore, it can aid the rapid reintroduction of the scope towards the calyx of interest stone mxkalah TCC bearing later in the procedure see Figure 2.

Cent European J Urol. For safety reasons, one may prefer to use a guidewire in diagnostic cases.

Makalah Urolithiasis Documents –

Then, try repeating access sheath placement with both the sheath and inner component. Before performing laser fragmentation in the kidney, consider repositioning the stone into a more favourable position upper calyx or even upper ureter if feasible. The sheath passage should be monitored with pulsed fluoroscopy krolithiasis ureteric passage, preventing possible buckling in the bladder or to identify early resistance and failure to progress.

Support Center Support Center. Trends in urological stone disease.